Dr. rer. nat. Felix Schmitt, M.A.

Research and Teaching


Cassens J., Schmitt F., Herczeg M. (2013).
CAKE - Distributed Environments for Context-Aware Systems. In Augusto, J C & et al (Eds.) Ambient Intelligence : 4th International Joint Conference, AmI 2013, Dublin, Ireland, December 3-5, Proceedings. Springer. 275-280.
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Cassens J., Scharf F., Schmitt F., Herczeg M. (2013).
What have they been up to in Lübeck recently? In Proceedings of HIER - 8. Hildesheimer Evaluierungs- und Retrievalworkshop. Hildesheim: University of Hildesheim. 61-65.
Cassens J., Schmitt F., Mende T., Herczeg M. (2012).
CASi - A Generic Context Awareness Simulator for Ambient Systems. In Paternò, F (Ed.) AmI 2012 - International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence. Springer. 421-426.
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Schmitt F., Cassens J., Kindsmüller M.C., Herczeg M. (2011).
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Schmitt F., Cassens J., Kindsmüller M.C., Herczeg M. (2010).
Mental Models of Disappearing Systems: Challenges for a Better Understanding. In Cassens, J, Kofod-Petersen, A, Zacarias, M & Wegener, R (Eds.) Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Modelling and Reasoning in Context. Vol. 618. Lisbon, Portugal: CEUR-WS.org. 61–72. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 618.
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Winkler T., Günther S., Kammler M., Feldner B., Schmitt F., Herczeg M. (2009).
Be-greifbare digitale Lernobjekte. In Kain, S, Struve, D & Wandke, H (Eds.) Workshop-Proceedings der Tagung Mensch & Computer 2009. Logos Verl. 353-356.
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Feldner B., Günther S., Schmitt F., Winkler T., Herczeg M. (2009).
A Dolphin Is a Dolphin Is a Dolphin? Multimedia Enriched Learning Objects in NEMO. In 9th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, ICALT 2009 ; 15 - 17 July, 2009, Riga, Latvia ; proceedings.29 - 31.
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Schmitt F.
CONTEXT´11: The 7th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context, 29.09..2011. Mental Models of Ambient Systems: A Modular Research Framework.