Energy Interfaces for the Future of Energy-efficient Shipping

Period: From December 2020 to November 2023


Energy efficiency has always been a central concern for shipbuilding and shipping. Whereas in the past it was mainly economic considerations that motivated the search for low power requirements for a ship, today environmental concerns and compliance with legal regulations to reduce emissions are coming to the foreground in at least equal measure. These demand a consistent strategy of energy efficiency as well as a significant reduction of emissions not only in the construction but also in the operation of ships.

In the MariData project, a future-oriented energy management and decision support system based on rational methods is to be developed, taking into account current operations and geo-information.

As with any human-technology system, the actual benefit of the system depends on the technical potential and user behaviour. In addition to the technical challenges, factors such as acceptance and trust must also be considered. For this purpose, prototypes of the MariData front end are being developed in the sense of user-centred design and evaluated through user studies.

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