Mental Models of Ambient Systems: A Modular Research Framework


Art der Publikation: Conference Paper

Veröffentlicht auf / in: Modeling and Using Context : 7th International and Interdisciplinary Conference, CONTEXT 2011, Karlsruhe, Germany, September 26-30 2011 ; Proceedings

Jahr: 2011

Band / Volume: 6967

Seiten: 278-291

Verlag (Publisher): Springer



Felix Schmitt

Jörg Cassens

Martin Christof Kindsmüller

Michael Herczeg


This paper outlines our current research program in the fields of ambient intelligence and context-aware computing and the tools we are building to accomplish this research program. From a discussion of our conception of mental models in the domain of ambient context-aware computer systems we derive hypotheses which we intend to test empirically. A modular framework for implementing and assessing situation awareness in humans and computers is introduced. We describe the framework's architecture and illustrate its suitability for its intended purpose. Finally, we present an outline of our next steps towards real world application systems for our research.


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