Technology for the People? Humanity as a Compass for the Digital Transformation


Art der Publikation: Journal Article

Veröffentlicht auf / in: Wirtschaftsdienst

Issue: 100: S1

Jahr: 2020

Seiten: 4-11

Verlag (Publisher): Springer


ISSN: 1613-978X


Thomas Franke

Mourad Zoubir


How do we define what technology is for humans? One perspective suggests that it is a tool enabling the use of valuable resources such as time, food, health and mobility. One could say that in its cultural history, humanity has developed a wide range of artefacts which enable the effective utilisation of these resources for the fulfilment of physiological, but also psychological, needs. This paper explores how this perspective may be used as an orientation for future technological innovation. Hence, the goal is to provide an accessible discussion of such a psychological perspective on technology development that could pave the way towards a truly human-centred digital transformation.

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