Ambient Learning Spaces: Chances and Challenges of Interactive Knowledge Media Platforms for Schools and Museums


Art der Publikation: Conference Paper

Veröffentlicht auf / in: Proceedings of ICERI2022 Conference

Jahr: 2022

Seiten: 2378-2388

Veröffentlichungsort: Sevilla, Spain

Verlag (Publisher): IATED


ISBN: 978-84-09-45476-1


Michael Herczeg


With the Ambient Learning Spaces (ALS) environment we developed a digital infrastructure as an
integrated environment for self-directed and distributed learning inside and outside school. The cloudbased
environment combines and interlinks mobile and stationary learning applications for a large
variety of interaction devices. It plays the role of a ubiquitous and pervasive knowledge media machine.
This contribution emphasizes on the need and the values of knowledge media for various teaching and
learning contexts inside and outside school, especially for schools, museums, and their interoperation.
The paper describes theoretical foundations, the integrated system architecture together with scenarios
and examples of its application.
Keywords: Ambient Learning Spaces, Knowledge Media, Teaching and Learning Contexts, Digital
Technologies for Learning, Interactive Learning Devices, Educational Media Platforms, Post-


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