From Real to Virtual: Exploring Replica-Enhanced Environment Transitions along the Reality-Virtuality Continuum


Art der Publikation: Conference Paper

Veröffentlicht auf / in: ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2024)

Jahr: 2024/05/11

Verlag (Publisher): ACM



Fabian Pointecker

Judith Friedl-Knirsch

Hans-Christian Jetter

Christoph Anthes


Recent Head-Mounted Displays enable users to perceive the real environment using a video-based see-through mode and the fully virtual environment within a single display. Leveraging these advancements, we present a generic concept to seamlessly transition between the real and virtual environment, with the goal of supporting users in engaging with and disengaging from any real environment into Virtual Reality. This transition process uses a digital replica of the real environment and incorporates various stages of Milgram’s Reality-Virtuality Continuum, along with visual transitions that facilitate gradual navigation between them. We implemented the overall transition concept and four object-based transition techniques. The overall transition concept and four techniques were evaluated in a qualitative user study, focusing on user experience, the use of the replica and visual coherence. The results of the user study show, that most participants stated that the replica facilitates the cognitive processing of the transition and supports spatial orientation.


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