We Write: ’On-the-Fly’ Interactive Writing on Electronic Textiles with Mobile Phones


Art der Publikation: Conference Paper

Veröffentlicht auf / in: Proceedings of IDC 2009

Jahr: 2009

Seiten: 226-229

Verlag (Publisher): ACM

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1145/1551788.1551836



In this paper, we describe the background of the design and the new possibilities of interaction for teenagers with WeWrite, a JAVA-based interaction tool for mobile phones. WeWrite opens up new possibilities for interacting with self-designed and programmed wearables, using the Lily-Pad, the iconic programming interface Amici, as well as IDE Arduino. WeWrite has been designed and developed by three university students in close cooperation with teachers and thirty-one 10th grade students. WeWrite enables its young users to experience and reflect on e-textiles as creating new modes of communication, interaction and identity construction while writing letter strings. Using LED matrixes, animated forms of digital writing can be displayed on clothes (e.g. jeans and sweatshirts). Furthermore, LEDs can be attached to gloves that create the impression of air letters when moved quickly in darkened rooms.


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