Tool-based gradual User Modeling for Usability Engineering


Art der Publikation: Conference Paper

Veröffentlicht auf / in: ECCE 2015 Proceedings of the European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics

Jahr: 2015



Anna Hüttig

Michael Herczeg


This contribution illustrates how software developers can be supported systematically in user analysis and user centered design. Particularly it has been explored how user models can be integrated in the entire development process in a reasonable and gainful manner. For this purpose, a module for user analysis within the Usability-Engineering-Repository (UsER) is presented. The system is based on an innovative concept of gradual user modeling with several levels of abstraction that is guiding and simplifying the process of practical user modeling. The design of the module was validated with the aid of formative expert evaluation and the realized application was evaluated summatively.


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