Does this range suit me? Range satisfaction of battery electric vehicle users


Art der Publikation: Journal Article

Veröffentlicht auf / in: Applied Ergonomics : Human Factors in Technology and Society

Jahr: 2017

Band / Volume: 65

Seiten: 191-199

Verlag (Publisher): Elsevier Science


ISSN: 0003-6870


Thomas Franke

Madlen Günther

Maria Trantow

Josef F. Krems


User satisfaction is a vital design criterion for sustainable systems. The present research aimed to understand factors relating to individually perceived range satisfaction of battery electric vehicle (BEV) users. Data from a large-scale BEV field trial (N = 72) were analyzed. Apart from an initial drop in range satisfaction, increasing practical experience was related to increased range satisfaction. Classical indicators of users' mobility profiles (daily travel distances) were only weakly related to lower range satisfaction (not significant), after controlling for practical experience and preferred coverage of mobility needs. The regularity/predictability of users' mobility patterns, the percentage of journeys not coverable because of range issues, and users’ individual comfortable range accounted for variance in range satisfaction. Finally, range satisfaction was related to key indicators of general BEV acceptance (e.g., purchase intentions). These results underline the complex dynamics involved in individual range satisfaction, as well as its central role for BEV acceptance.


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