Integration und Deployment des ambienten Awareness-Systems MATe

The MATe system (MATe for Awareness in Teams) developped at IMIS consists of numerous components. These are to be integrated and tested for operability. A prototypical installation of the system is to be deployed at the premises of our research group.

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MATe (short for “MATe for Awareness in Teams”) is an ambient system designed to recognize and classify situations and contexts its users encounter. With the help of this information, MATe is supposed to foster context-aware functionality of IT systems. MATe consists of a multitude of different sensory and actuators as well al intelligent components. One possible application of the MATe system is supporting communication and mutual awareness in office workgroups. Members of the group are provided with means to inform others about their status and receive information about their colleagues. Examples for such information include curent location, mood, agenda and interruptibility.
In the course of this thesis, the MATe components developed so far is to be integrated to form a working system and subsequently deployed at the premises of our research group. The concepts and design decisions on which MATe is based upon have been empirically evaluated in a user study. The goal were to determine whether MATe can be used to collect data for use in certain research projects.

Tobias Weiss


Mai 2012

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