ActeMotion as a Content-Oriented Learning Application in Secondary School: Media Control through Gesture Recognition as a Performative Process in Art Teaching


Art der Publikation: Conference Paper

Veröffentlicht auf / in: EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology. Washington, DC.

Jahr: 2017

Seiten: 1327-1335

ISBN: 978-1-939797-29-2


Martina Ide

Thomas Winkler

David Bouck-Standen


This paper discusses the importance of the learning application ActeMotion in context with performative works of students at school. It focuses on reconsidering the aesthetics of the performative in interactive learning environments in its meaning by the influence of the medial, understanding the performative as a strategy to reflect historical, social and cultural processes, the relations between the medium and its perception. The potential of ActeMotion is explored, which primarily makes the learner’s self-made videos perceptible by linking the videos to body gestures and movement, tracked on a stage in real-time. The influence and the importance of the medial for the perception of young people of the world, their school, and biographical lifeworld, cultural identity and physicality is reflected. With reference to qualitative observations and interviews, this paper points out how students learn interactively and their experiences are conditioned by their media enriched world.


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