Creating Augmented Realities in the Context of Lessons in Secondary Schools


Art der Publikation: Conference Paper

Veröffentlicht auf / in: EdMedia + Innovative Learning

Jahr: 2019

Seiten: 230-247

Veröffentlichungsort: Amsterdam

Verlag (Publisher): AACE

ISBN: 978-1-939797-42-1


Thomas Winkler

Alexander Ohlei

Martina Ide

Michael Herczeg


This contribution describes the use of augmented reality in teaching contexts for secondary schools. As part of the project, Ambient Learning Spaces (ALS) a cloud-based learning system is used in combination with the mobile InfoGrid learning application. Together with other frontend applications, the software enables students at school to create complex narrative augmented reality tours that automatically adapt to the users. The InfoGrid app for mobile devices allows the execution of these tours by means of image recognition of photographic visual markers. Using a concrete teaching project as an example, we describe how InfoGrid and other applications of the learning system support learning in an art class. We also present the results of a usability study of InfoGrid.


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