Use cases and usability challenges for head-mounted displays in healthcare


Art der Publikation: Journal Article

Veröffentlicht auf / in: Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering

Jahr: 2015

Band / Volume: 1

Seiten: 534-537

Verlag (Publisher): de Gruyter


ISSN: 2364-5504


Tilo Mentler

Christian Wolters

Michael Herczeg


In the healthcare domain, head-mounted displays (HMDs) with augmented reality (AR) modalities have been reconsidered for application as a result of commercially available products and the needs for using computers in mobile context. Within a user-centered design approach, interviews were conducted with physicians, nursing sta and members of emergency medical services. Additionally practitioners were involved in evaluating two dierent head-mounted displays. Based on these measures, use cases and usability considerations according to interaction design and information visualization were derived and are described in this contribution.


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