Professorship for Interaction Design and User Experience

Christian Jetter standing at a lectern

Interaction design (IxD) is mission-critical for all digital systems and products. Only through design do they become easy to learn, attractive, and can thrill their users.

Since August 2020, Hans-Christian Jetter has been a Professor of Interaction Design and User Experience at the University of Lübeck. His research group focuses on interaction design for better human-computer interaction and, in particular, for better human-data interaction.

To this end, the group designs, implements, and evaluates novel mobile, ubiquitous, and collaborative systems, such as interactive tables, walls, rooms, virtual/augmented reality head-mounted displays, and seamless interaction across multiple such devices. These systems support users in their exploration, visualization, and interpretation of complex data sets and models. 

Ideally, these systems offer the user a user experience that feels "natural", "intuitive" and "direct" and makes users visually and cognitively experience data, its patterns, structures, and relations.

To achieve this, our group does not only work on concrete new designs of user interfaces and visualization concepts, but also on new design tools and design recommendations based on models and studies from cognitive science, psychology, and the social sciences.

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