Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. André Calero Valdez Dipl.-Inform.

Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and Usable Safety Engineering

Institut für Multimediale und Interaktive Systeme

Universität zu Lübeck , Gebäude 64 , Raum 1.006

Ratzeburger Allee 160

D-23562 Lübeck

Tel: +49 451 3101 5114

Fax: +49 451 3101 5104

E-Mail: andre.calerovaldez [at]

About me

André Calero Valdez has been a Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and Usable Safety Engineering at the University of Lübeck since 2022.
He conducts research on human-technology interaction and usable safety in various application areas (e.g., eHealth, recommender systems, social media, information visualization, technology acceptance, Industry 4.0) using methods from computer science, psychology, and computational social sciences.

Until 2022, he was a senior researcher at the Department of Communication Science and the Human-Computer Interaction Center at RWTH Aachen University, where André has been head of the junior research group "Digital Mündigkeit" since 2018. Here, he investigated the interplay of recommendation algorithms, social bots, and fake news in social media. Prior to that, André was a post-doc at RWTH Aachen University, working on the interface between algorithms and humans in various application areas (Cluster of Excellence Production Technology and BMBF project iNec, 2013-2017). Due to his excellent degree, he received a PhD scholarship at RWTH Aachen University in 2007. In his dissertation, André focused on the user-centered development and evaluation of a small-screen device for diabetes patients.




seit 2022

Professur für Human-Computer Interaction und Usable Safety Engineering - Universität zu Lübeck

2020 - heute

Gastprofessor bei Prof. Kai Schroeder - HS Zuyd (Niederlande)


Leiter der Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe "Digitale Mündigkeit" - RWTH Aachen University


PostDoc im Exzellenzcluster Produktionstechnik - RWTH Aachen University


Gastwissenschaftler bei Prof. Dr. Katrien Verbert - KU Leuven (Belgien)

2014 - heute

Gastprofessor bei Prof. Dr. Andreas Holzinger - TU Graz & MedUni Graz (Österreich)


Promotion (Dr. phil.) Nutzerzentrierte Entwicklung von Diabetes-Assistenten - RWTH Aachen University


Studium der Informatik (Dipl.-Inform) - RWTH Aachen University

Managed Projects



Modeling Network: infoXpand - Information, Opinions, Mobility, Behavior and Bayesian Inference in Infectious Disease Modeling - Subproject C



Multi-Agent-Simulation of Intelligent Resource Regulation in Integrated Energy and Mobility